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This tool will check what ports your computer can connect to on our service.

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 Microsoft Windows - If you are using Microsoft Windows we also have a Windows program that will test all the ports without using your browser.

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 Next Step - Use our authentication tool to test your SMTP username and password.   Authentication Tool

 No open ports detected - we could not detect any open ports to our service using your browser, we recommend that you try using one of the ports listed below as 'Blocked by browser'.

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Port No.Result
OpenThe port is open and you should be able to use this in your email program.
BlockedThe port is blocked by your computer, network or ISP firewall.
Blocked browserThe port is blocked by your browser for security - you may still be able to use it.

 Having trouble with the port checker or finding the correct port to use?

Please login to the control panel and raise a support ticket for assistance.